Hyde Park Theatre & GOATSONG PRODUCTIONS present

written & performed by Hans Frank

July 10-26, 2003


For more information or to make reservations,
call 479-PLAY (479-7529)

As a child, Sloppy Sean spent most of his time in the woods, with many clowns; the clowns were his friends. When he got older, Mr. Sean had to leave the woods and the many clowns and what he found was a world not often friendly, not often kind, not often anything. We join Mr. Sean one lonely moonlit night, a slight chill in the air, as he journeys to New Lisbon, Ohio, to the grave of confederate sympathizer and leader of the Civil War era Copperheads, Clement L. Vallandigham; a man once considered extremely dangerous by Abraham Lincoln and who was later exiled to Canada. Mr. Sean looks for signs, omens, spirits whispering in the wind . . . anything. He performs various incantations and channels ghosts from the past, among them, Vallandigham and General John Morgan, who led Morgan's Raid through Southern Indiana and Ohio during the Civil War. At the end of the night, the morning sun just below the horizon, Mr. Sean finds himself once again alone to ponder the fate of man, and asks: "Is there anybody out there?" Only to be met with a deafening response.

Hyde Park Theater and GOATSONG PRODUCTIONS are proud to present the continuing saga of Sloppy Sean and an evening of transcendentalism, dance routines, and obscure trivia. Former FRONTERAFEST BEST OF FESTIVAL winner and recipient of a 2002 Austin Circle of Theaters' B Iden Payne award, Hans Frank brings us, transmitted from the Lonely Highway, SPY FROM MARS, with appearances by Ken Webster and others, and the strange, wild music of HOGWASH.

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday at 8pm, July 10-26. Tickets $15 Fridays and Saturdays; Thursdays is pay-what-you-can. Call 479-PLAY for reservations.