Briandaniel Oglesby

Hyde Park Theatre's 2021 New Play Workshop:
Public Performance
8pm, Friday
August 6, 2021

July 20, 2021 - Briandaniel Oglesby's The Secret Lives of Gamers and Dead Astronauts, HPT's selection for Hyde Park Theatre’s 2021 New Play Workshop, will receive a public workshop production at 8:00pm on Friday, August 6, 2021. The performance is free, and all are welcome!

Five years ago, Corey’s astronaut sister died on an expedition to Mars. Now his brother Carl searches Antarctica for meteorites while his best friend Lexington tries to revolutionize Public Access Portland. Corey is stuck streaming games from his basement over Twitch when a mysterious stranger from another planet begins to play along.

The play has received 15-20 hours of work with a director, dramaturg and actors.

Briandaniel Oglesby writes some plays for teenagers and some plays for mature audiences. His work has been read or developed at JAW (Portland Center Stage), Playwrights' Week at the Lark, B Street Theatre, Cap Stage, SF Playhouse, Queensbury (Houston), Emory University, Ground and Field (UC Davis), James Madison University, and the Kennedy Center. His Brothers Sisters, Santos was named as one of the Best Unproduced Latin@ Plays by 50PP. His adaptation ofThe Jungle Book is available via Stage Rights. He is an alum of the Hyde Park Theatre Writers Group, where he developed his play, Piper. He now runs a theatre department at Skybridge Academy, where he develops collaborative techniques for new play development and writes plays for his students. He believes "Theatre for teens should be awesome--it should be art!"

The other five very strong finalist plays were as follows:

  • The Scent of Peaches, Kathy Rose Center
  • Sooner or Later We're All History, Doug Gower
  • The Pact, Max Langert
  • Public Property, Laura Neill
  • The Lake Alphabet, Patrick Shaw

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2020 Winner and Finalists
Running Bear, by Raul Garza, was selected for HPT's 2020 New Play Development Workshop from among these finalists:

  • The Howling Gallery, by Katie Bender
  • The Amphibians, by Dan Caffrey
  • Dominion, by Bill Frisbie
  • Model Home, by Doug Gower
  • Professors, by Laura Neill
  • Ralph Without, by Patrick Shaw
  • 2019 Winner and Finalists
    End of Shift, by Jenny Connell Davis, was selected for HPT's 2019 New Play Development Workshop from among these finalists:

    american (tele)visions, by Victor Cazares
    Dairy Queen, by Sarah Loucks
    Radio Ghosts by Greg Romero and Mike Vernusky
    Seneca, by Travis Tate

    2018 Winner and Finalists
    Egress, by Melissa Crespo and Sarah Saltwick was selected for HPT's 2018 New Play Development Workshop from among these finalists:

    Basement Demons and Trailer Saints, by Briandaniel Oglesby
    Door to Balloon, by Greg Romero
    Watchers, by Patrick Shaw
    Dinner, by Lisa B. Thompson

    2017 Winner and Finalists
    The Secretary, by Kyle John Schmidt was selected for HPT's 2017 New Play Development Workshop from among these finalists:

    The Tubes, by Samuel Damon
    Disquietude, by Aimee Gonzalez
    Small Steps, by Briandaniel Oglesby
    The Pleasure Trials, by Sarah Saltwick
    The Mamalogues, by Lisa B. Thompson

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