2003 Long Fringe

Long Fringe Schedule at
the Blue Theatre

Ticket prices vary by show. Make reservations by calling 479-PLAY (479-7529). All Long Fringe shows are at the Blue Theatre, 916 Springdale Road. It's easy to find and just minutes from downtown! Check out this map.


Miscarried Lullaby (Starlex Theatre Company)

Starring Alex Garza as Quin, Geoff Pearson as Unborn. A 32-year old gay man is haunted by the apparition of the child he never knew. In the play, Quin is forced to confront the memory of a child that was miscarried at a time when he wasnÕt ready to be a father. Now that he is older, he is beginning to feel the pains of a fatherhood he may never experience, and he must come to terms with his life and the way he has lived it. He learns lessons about loneliness and the life choices of his past that have led to the realities of his present. Tickets $5.

Wednesday, January 21- 7:00pm
Sunday, January 25- 1:45pm
Friday, January 30- 7:00pm
Saturday, January 31- 10:00pm


Black Things (Spank Dance Company)

Black Things is a new contemporary dance created by Ellen Bartel to express elements of things that are Black. Intrigued by how movement can portray and capture human nature in ways that language may describe less poetically, Bartel unwraps the idea of "black," opens the box and lets the audience inside the darkness. A dense void, thick and shapeless, the dancers shape, gesture and move in ways that describe literal, metaphoric and emotional levels of black. The stage is very dark. The costumes are very dark. The movement is vast, descriptive, heavy and (although there is some humor) very dark. It is a dance about political and social observations that are timeless, relevant and sure to make the imagination question ones own view about black things. Ellen will be dancing with Mari Akita, Amy Cone, Ceci Proeger, and Matthew Young. Tickets $8.

Thursday, January 22- 7:00pm
Sunday, January 25- 12:00 noon
Wednesday, January 28- 9:00pm
Sunday, February 1- 8:15pm


Dance Carousel, 40 one-minute dances by 10 Austin Choreographers (Austin Independent Choreographers)

At FronteraFest 2004 you will see for the first time a Dance Carousel. It is 10 local dance artists creating 4 one-minute dances for a total of 40 one-minute new movement pieces. The Dance Carousel is the brainchild of Ellen Bartel, and co-founder of the not-nonprofit choreographer's group, the Austin Independent Choreographers. The group is dedicated to creating opportunity for the Austin area choreographers to show new work in an environment that supports the growth of the arts community. The choreographers are Nancy Bain, Genie Barringer, Ellen Bartel, Jim Chappeleaux, Kayo Fishtrom, Cristina Jesurun, Nancy Moran, Ellen Stader, Caroline Sutton-Clark, and Lauren Tietz. The artists are incorporating local composers, poets and talented dancers into their one-minute dances. Tickets $8.

Friday, January 23 - 7:00pm
Saturday, January 24 - 2:15pm
Tuesday, January 27 - 9:00pm
Saturday, January 31 - 4:15pm


The Bateman Trilogy, written and directed by ken Webster

Three short plays dealing with the very strange Bateman family of Houston, Texas. Thanksgiving at the Batemans' centers around what happens when the family's long-dead father returns for Thanksgiving. Jury Duty centers around a murder trial, and Family Tradition gives new meaning to the term dysfunctional family. These dark comedies are written and directed by Ken Webster and feature an all-star cast of local actors. Tickets $10.

Tuesday, January 20- 7:00pm
Friday, January 23- 8:45pm
Saturday, January 24- 4:00pm
Sunday, January 25- 9:45pm


Will Power: The Course of Love, composed by William Shakespeare, arranged by Robert Matney, Liz Fisher, and Gemma Wilcox, and directed by Robert Matney (Austin Shakespeare Festival)

A distilled collection of Shakespeare's unparalleled poetry and a circular exploration of the splendid, ennobling and debasing cycle of human love. In this inaugural production of ASF's Will Power series, Shakespeare's fool guides us through the rocky terrain of affection: from the deep longing of unrequited love, through adoration's blooming, to love's fearful crises, past its bereavement, and re-arriving at its reunion and deep longing. Tickets $10.

Wednesday, January 21- 8:45pm
Saturday, January 24- 8:00pm
Saturday, January 31- 2:00pm
Sunday, February 1- 6:00pm


How to Belly-Dance for Your Husband Starring Little Egypt (Tongue & Groove)

Tickets $10.

Tuesday, January 20- 9:15pm
Saturday, January 24- 6:15pm
Thursday, January 29- 7:00pm
Sunday, February 1- 2:00pm


The Armageddon Telethon, written by and featuring Hans Frank and Ken Webster

The Armageddon Telethon is a hilarious political satire and the sequel to last year's FronteraFest hit, The Post Neanderthal Diet. Reverend Nubby Farnsworth, Jr. and his Russian sidekick, Dr. Vladimir Ulyanov are hosting a telethon that aims to bring about Armageddon in our lifetime. With appearances by John Ashcroft Jr., Jenna Bush, and Moshe Dayan Jr., The Armageddon Telethon is a darkly humorous delight. Tickets $10.

Saturday, January 24- 10:15pm
Sunday, January 25- 3:30pm
Tuesday, January 27- 7:00pm
Saturday, January 31- 8:00pm


Ménage à Dix and The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over, written and performed by Gemma Wilcox

1 PERFORMER, 2 SHOWS, 19 CHARACTERS! Gemma Wilcox returns with a double bill of her multi-character "Best of FronteraFest 2002 and 2003" hit plays! In Ménage à Dix and The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over, witness Gemma metamorphose seamlessly from male to female, from fish to mysterious fowl, as these captivating tales of love and letting go unfold . . . with the help of only one chair and one pliable body! Tickets $10.00

Sunday, January 25- 5:30pm
Wednesday, January 28- 7:00pm
Friday, January 30- 8:45pm
Saturday, January 31- 6:00pm


Meditations While Running Water, Mary Hill

Tickets $10.

Thursday, January 22- 8:45pm
Saturday, January 24- 12 noon
Sunday, January 25- 7:30pm
Thursday, January 29- 8:45pm*
Sunday, February 1- 3:45pm

NOTE: additional show added to due to emergency cancellation of 1/24 show.