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Dog Sees God:
Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

written by
Bert V. Royal

directed by
Ken Webster

May 15 - June 21, 2008

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Meanwhile, the critics are raving about Dog Sees God:

The Austinist: " . . . sort of like The Breakfast Club if Quentin Tarantino had written the dialogue. . . .Tom Coiner, as C.B., has a whiff of a young, bemused Bill Murray about him. Xochitl Romero as Tricia and Bethany Esfandiari as Marcy deserve some kind of award for hilarity . . . their cafeteria cocktail scene enough to make you spit milk out your nose. Ken Webster . . . has produced and directed a humdinger of insightful sarcasm served up in perfect pitch black."
The Austin Chronicle: " . . . an excellent ensemble, nailing the jokes but also finding the quiet moments between guffaws. Tom Coiner is our C.B. and, much like the original Charlie Brown, is at times disconnected and alienated, at times vibrant and brave. The chemistry between Coiner and Daniel Adams . . . makes for some rocking scenes (picture the Peanuts gang dancing for joy). . . .Paul Davis' set design is a wonderful rendering of the original comic-strip world, complete with a likeness of Charlie Brown's famous zigzag shirt painted on the stage floor."
And check out this fine piece on austin.com.

HPT is proud to present the Austin premiere of the dark and hilarious off-Broadway hit, Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, by Bert V. Royal.

Dog Sees God is a highly unauthorized imagining of the high school years of a certain well-known blockhead--let's call him "C.B."--and his best friend, who has given up his security blanket for a mellow buzz; his furious ex-girlfriend; and his ever-changing little sister. For C.B., high school means drugs, rebellion, a penpal gone silent, and worse. Good grief.

"Hip and outrageous . . . brazenly funny and wrenchingly honest" (the Denver Post).

HPT's production features Tom Coiner, Noah Neal, Michelle Keffer, Benjamin Summers, Kayla Newman, Xochitl Romero, Bethany Esfandiari, Daniel Adams, and Victoria Sutherland. Ken Webster directs.

NOTE: Dog Sees God has not been authorized or approved, in any manner, by the Charles M. Schulz Estate or United Features Syndicate, which have no responsibility for its content. Strong language; adult and teenage themes.

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead runs at 8:00 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, May 15 - June 21, 2008 Tickets are $17 ($15 for students, seniors, and ACOT members) on Fridays and Saturdays. Thursdays are pay-what-you-can. Call 479-PLAY for reservations.

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