2024 Short Fringe

2024 FronteraFest Best of Week Schedule (with Ticket Links!)

NOTE: Each Saturday "Best of Week" performance begins at 8pm at Hyde Park Theatre, 511 West 43rd St. Tickets are $25 for Saturday shows.

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    Saturday, January 20: BEST OF THE WEEK (TICKETS HERE)
    Tonight's shows were selected from among this week's Tuesday-Friday shows, four by our panel and the fifth by audience vote. They are listed in performance order.

    Twilight Doubleheader, by Todd Clark. In life, as in baseball, no clock determines exactly when things will end. Sometimes, there are giants of the game in whose shadow we must search for our own swing. We endure losses along the way, but the season is long--and lovely.

    The Gun Show Vol 3, by Christopher Michael. This is the 3rd installment of Christopher Michael's spoken word poetry showcase.

    Learning to Human, by Sims Holland, directed by David McCusker. A dark comedy solo show about resurfacing from a 16-year haze of addiction and not knowing how to be a human in the world. Sims will be performing a 25-minute teaser; you can see the full show at Hyde Park Theatre in May 2024.

    Unremarkable/Unreliable, by Gloria C. Adams and Teresa Johnson. A diagnosis is the Rosetta Stone to your body's language. In 2015, Teresa was chronically ill and Gloria was mentally ill. By 2020, they were both . . . both. And someday you may be too. Personal stories, politics, and poetry bring together the divergent experiences of two artists who go from empathizing with each other to feeling each other's pain--all too literally.

    Yer Gonna Die (Just Like Me), by Zac Carr. This piece is a one-man showcase of work inspired by one of the greatest and most controversial minds of Western Theatre, Dennis Lobsky. A "tour de farce," this master class in the School of Dead Acting will transform the empty mind of the actor into a mausoleum of talent. Written, cried, and performed by Zac Carr.


    Saturday, January 27: BEST OF THE WEEK (TICKETS HERE)
    Tonight's shows were selected from among this week's Tuesday-Friday shows, four by our panel and the fifth by audience vote. They are listed in performance order.

    I'll Make an End, by Kleo Ryan, directed by Lacey Cannon Gonzales. Centers on a conversation between an Artist and Death as they discuss art, Shakespeare, love, loss, and death by elevator shafts.

    What Next? directed by Kenny Madison and written by Gloria M. Rabil. After a break, a couple comes together to discuss what's next. The play explores the most pressing question anyone in a turbulent relationship has pondered: Whose fault is it?

    How To Live Right, written and created by Devon Ragsdale. Your personal, self-certified Life Coach, Janet, will teach you how to find the path to enlightenment using her signature method that she has practiced with tens of clients. She will also lead a guided meditation that will leave you feeling confused and unsure of her qualifications, but that will also leave you feeling pretty good about yourself in comparison.

    When I Wear My Mother's Clothes, by Avery Erickson. A 71-year-old trans woman's personal journey of self-discovery told through poetry, laughter, & song.

    Linda's Last Show, created by CB Goodman and Friends, performed by CB Goodman, a Grackle Jack Production (ScriptWorks Commission). Linda Delray has been Manny the Magnificent's assistant for 25 years and after another magic show ruined by his lack of professionalism, she's calling it quits. All she has to do is make it through one last show at the Austin Bird Watchers' Annual FUNdraiser.


    Saturday, February 3: BEST OF THE WEEK (TICKETS HERE)
    Tonight's shows were selected from among this week's Tuesday-Friday shows, four by our panel and the fifth by audience vote. They are listed in performance order.

    Woman of a Certain Age: Tales of a Midlife Renaissance, by Valerie Nies. A one-woman show about dating in middle age.

    Silence, by Zizi Ellison, directed by Anthony Ellison. A series of three to four dramatic sketches. Zaineb and Aliya are best friends who grew up together in Tehran, Iran. Our stories begin when they get separated, and now Zaineb lives in Austin, TX and Aliya still lives in Tehran. Our stories explore the dramatic differences between their experiences in everyday life.

    The Talk, by Lilly Percifield (ScriptWorks Commission). Lilly Percifield uses DIY props and absurd comedy to satirize the purity culture that influenced her teenage years. The Speaker (Lilly) presents a series of convoluted metaphors and felt-board illustrations that teach the audience how to remain pure and avoid tempting others into sexual sin. Moldy sandwiches and a cheerleading routine depict the state of Christian sex education (or lack thereof) in this silly solo show.

    Thanks, Dad, created and performed by Jessica von Schramm. Jess examines her relationship with her drug-addicted father through the lens of her reading glasses. This funny, heartwarming, and weird one-woman show delves into parental abandonment, the Beatles, and trauma. Oh my!

    Love Island (UK) The Musical, by Arielle LaGuette and Sarah Doering. Based on the British dating reality show phenomenon Love Island, Love Island (UK) The Musical is an original production from Love Island super fans Arielle LaGuette and Sarah Doering and composer Ritika Bhattacharjee--none of whom are British or have been on Love Island. With the show's explosion in recent years and spin-offs across over twenty countries, this musical adaptation is a tribute to the original series that started it all, and seeks to capture the hearts of live audiences through the magic, the canon, and the true love that has captivated millions of viewers in the UK for almost ten years.


    Saturday, February 10: BEST OF THE WEEK (TICKETS HERE)
    Tonight's shows were selected from among this week's Tuesday-Friday shows, four by our panel and the fifth by audience vote. They are listed in performance order.

    Latini-Duh!™: The upside-down side of the Latinoverse! written by Raymond Abel Gutierrez; music by Mexican Institute of Sound. The Latinoverse is where Latinos dominate the entertainment ecosystem. As we cumbia through the Latinoverse, the parodies are pero-duh-ing and the Latinos are all Latino-ing! A show that spouts out gritos that Latinos are underrepresented in Hollywood. Non-Spanish speakers: you don't need to speak Spanish to enjoy the show! Inspired by The Bronze Screen: 100 Years of the Latino Image in American Cinema.

    Dance, Cupcake, Dance! by Brian Wittenbrook. When a junior executive needs to find a way to cut costs fast, she turns to an unusual source. A comedy about magic and pizza pockets starring Jennifer Bateman, L.B. Deyo, Shannon McCormick, and Brian Wittenbrook. Kathryn Rogers is assistant director.

    Standard Operating Magic, by Helen Merino. A woman just stands there and tells you a story. It's the story of a trip she took to Italy decades ago. Her reason for taking the trip is still unclear to her. And, once there, she recalls being stalked by a feeling she can't quite name.

    Starcrossed, by Andy Tate, directed by Kirk Scarbrough (ScriptWorks Commission). It's 2054 and Ellie has fallen in love. Unfortunately, leasing a robot boyfriend isn't cheap, and she's also fallen behind on her payments. In a last-ditch effort to prevent the love of her life from being repossessed, Ellie is forced to ask her mom to come to the rescue. Featuring Esther Park, Ryan Fang, and Nguyen Stanton-Adams.

    Texas Gothic, by Janet Maykus & Tom Booker. Join Ma & Pa Gothic on the front porch of their home at The Texas Gothic Farm & Ranch, located in the exact center of Texas, as they discuss the current topics, issues, and happenings while dispensing some Texas-sized homespun wisdom that will make you laugh and think.

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