Hyde Park Theatre's 2019 New Play Development Workshop: Finalists Announced

Hyde Park Theatre thanks all of the playwrights who submitted for our New Play Workshop. We read an array of challenging, touching, provocative, funny, and heartfelt plays from our Austin community of playwrights. The winning play will be announced in April; the workshop will take place in July.

Congratulations to our finalists!

Victor Cazares, american (tele)visions
In the shadow of the First Wal-Mart of the United States American Universe, you're Erica, a little girl armed with undocumented Mexican power, and your dad can't find the TV remote, Mom's run off with half the family home (a 1982 double-wide), your dead brother is reanimated by his gay Vietnamese lover, and all you want to do is become Eric, the Hero of Ages Lost. -Push Play-

Jenny Connell Davis, End of Shift
End of Shift tells the story of five teenagers, three terrible ideas, two huge lies, and one long night in a diner on the coast of Maine. When Amanda, the valedictorian and daughter of the local police chief, decides she wants to go to a party on the same night that Ben, Jesse, and Max plan to paint a graffiti memorial to their fallen hero, they’re forced to ask Ben’s ex-girlfriend, Heidi, for help. A night of rememberance turns into a hunt for booze, Ben and Heidi’s relationship drama threatens to tear everything apart, and by midnight, everything these teens thought they knew about love and friendship will be called into question.

Sarah Loucks, Dairy Queen
Karen and Lee have nothing in common except for one thing: they’re both teenage employees at the local Dairy Queen, where they’re stuck working on the 4th of July. When they discover that their manager, Sheila, has abandoned them, Karen and Lee spiral into a manipulative game that calls both of their future plans into question. Reigning over an empty restaurant, a large quantity of ice cream, and some hidden vodka, two teenagers imagine adventure, salvation, and America, beneath the fluorescent lights of a Midwest Dairy Queen.

Greg Romero and Mike Vernusky, Radio Ghosts
William Tell insists that everything in the universe is one giant hologram. His son calls him through the radio and his wife speaks to him through the Pacific Ocean. A scientist, who is also a wolf, howls through a 24-hour diner that is also a wilderness. A doctor, who is also an owl, tries to heal others in a doctor's office that is also a desert. A painter creates from the broken pieces of her body, slowly and continuously falling apart from a tragedy happening, right now, in the future.

Travis Tate, Seneca
Seneca follows the story of Seneca Village, a town of freed slaves and immigrants in the mid 1800s that once stood where now modern-day Central Park stands. In present day, an attractive interracial gay couple, Jon and Todd, are headed out on their monthly date to Central Park. The music of the two worlds blend, bend, and collide with one another as the play continues. Seneca is a historical fictive play that explores blackness, freedom, and the ever-rising situation of gentrification within many of our cities across America.

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2018 Winner and Finalists
Egress, by Melissa Crespo and Sarah Saltwick was selected for HPT's 2018 New Play Development Workshop from among these finalists:

Basement Demons and Trailer Saints, by Briandaniel Oglesby
Door to Balloon, by Greg Romero
Watchers, by Patrick Shaw
Dinner, by Lisa B. Thompson

2017 Winner and Finalists
The Secretary, by Kyle John Schmidt was selected for HPT's 2017 New Play Development Workshop from among these finalists:

The Tubes, by Samuel Damon
Disquietude, by Aimee Gonzalez
Small Steps, by Briandaniel Oglesby
The Pleasure Trials, by Sarah Saltwick
The Secretary, by Kyle John Schmidt
The Mamalogues, by Lisa B. Thompson

Hyde Park Theatre is committed to developing new work from a diverse array of playwrights.

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