2006 Long Fringe

Long Fringe Schedule at
the Blue Theatre

Ticket prices vary by show. Make reservations by calling 479-PLAY (479-7529). All Long Fringe shows are at the Blue Theatre, 916 Springdale Road. It's easy to find and just minutes from downtown! Check out this map.

Among the Sand and Smog
(Sonav Productions; 90 minutes)
by J. Jimenez-Smith
Directed by Jamie Keener

One of the world's darkest secrets is hiding right next door. Since the early 1990's, factory workers and other young women in the city of Juarez have been disappearing off the streets, to be later discovered lifeless in the dessert if found at all. Now, more than 10 years later, over 300 women have been brutally raped and murdered and the culprits still remain at large and unknown. Based on real events and people, Among the Sand and Smog is sure to move and shock you as it explores one of this hemisphere's most forgotten tragedies.

Tickets: $8
Thursday 1/19 @ 8:30pm
Saturday 1/21 @ 10:00pm
Wednesday 1/25 @ 7:00pm
Saturday 1/28 @ 3:30pm


(Produced by Eric Mund, Rich Martinez, and Will Snider; 90 minutes)
by Neil LaBute
Directed by Rich Martinez and Will Snider

Autobahn: six diverse stories, all told from the front seat of a car. This provocative Texas premiere by Rich Martinez and Will Snider, with a talented cast from the Austin area, reveals the undercurrents and inner-workings of American relationships in the 21st century. Neil LaBute mends morality, sex and deception into one cohesive montage. A portrait of America from the most genuinely American of spaces.

Tickets: $8/$5 student
Saturday 1/21 @ 2:00pm
Sunday 1/22 @ 6:15pm
Tuesday 1/ 24 @ 9:00pm
Sunday 1/29 @ 3:30pm


Cricket Radio
(Austin Script Works; 60 minutes)
by Allan Baker, Rebecca Beegle, Kathy Catmull, Elizabeth Cobbe, Chris Krejci, Max Langert, Candyce Rusk, Priscilla Sample, Katherine Tanney, and Jason Tremblay

Austin Script Works presents Cricket Radio as part of their Out of Ink series. ASW members had 48 hours to write a five-minute radio play with three random ingredients: crickets, a countdown, and the fictional town of Piscacadawadaquoddywoggin, Maine. The results run the gamut from abstract soundscape to zany farce by writers Allan Baker, Rebecca Beegle, Katherine Catmull, Elizabeth Cobbe, Chris Krejci, Max Langert, Candyce Rusk, Priscilla Sample, Katherine Tanney, and Jason Tremblay.

Tickets: $10 Wednesday 1/18 @ 9:15pm
Saturday 1/21 @ 6:30pm
Saturday 1/28 @ 1:45pm
Sunday 1/29 @ 8:00pm


Dance Carousel
(Spank Dance; 60 minutes)
Choreography by Ellen Bartel, Liz Ganz, Megan Knotz, Dawnerin Larrimore, Chrissy Leach, Tracy Sadler Machalek, Ashley Parker Overton, Randi Turkin, Mandie Pitre, Jennifer Tietz & Christine Wong

The Dance Carousel is a showcase of ten local dance artist creating four one-minute dances for a total of 40 one-minute new movement pieces. The Dance Carousel is brainchild of Ellen Bartel, co-founder of the not-nonprofit choreographers' group, the Austin Independent Choreographers. The group is dedicated to creating opportunity for the Austin area choreographers to show new work in an environment that supports the growth of the arts community.

Tickets: $8
Tuesday 1/17 @ 7:00pm
Saturday 1/21 @ 8:15pm
Saturday 1/28 @ 12:00pm
Sunday 1/29 @ 1:45pm


Doctor Faustus Confronts His Damnation
(Produced by Aaron Williams and the Austiner Ensemble; 90 minutes)
by Christopher Marlowe and Joshua Lellis
Directed by Joshua Lellis

Doctor Faustus Confronts his Damnation is a comic meditation on Marlowe's Faustus. Relax, this isn't your boring high school Faustus--gone are all the bits about morality. Marlowe's Faustus is a defeatist; our Faustus attempts to weasel out of his deal. With minutes left before his damnation, Mephistopheles craving his soul, and his two students ogling Helen of Troy, Faustus must utilize every cell in his gigantic brain to try to save his soul. Can he succeed in outwitting the devil?

Tickets: $10
Friday 1/20 @ 10:45pm
Sunday 1/22 @ 4:00pm
Wenesday 1/25 @ 9:15pm
Saturday 1/28 @ 7:15pm


Irene is a Cactus
(RoHo Productions; 90 minutes)
By Rocky Hopson
Directed by Rocky Hopson

Irene is a Cactus written and directed by Rocky Hopson was first produced at the 2001 Orlando International Fringe Festival. A true story about a handicapped woman's struggle with independence, "Irene is a touching story of family and friends, with each character clearly delineated, clearly motivated, and clearly executed" (Carl Gauze, Ink19.com). Starring Susan Mara Stith, Diana Reddish, Devin Moss, Aaron Hallaway, and Drew Whelpley.

Tickets: $10
Wednesday 1/18 @ 7:00pm
Saturday 1/21 @ 4:15pm
Thursday 1/26 @ 7:00pm
Sunday 1/29 @ 5:45pm


Of Or Pertaining To . . .
(60 minutes)
Choreography by Dillar, Molly Roy, Debra McAdoo, Amanda Evans, Karen Morris
Directed by Dillar

Witness a choreographic collision. Of sex, shopping, politics; or pertaining to agression, release, epiphany. Of the sensual, the sublime; or pertaining to the playful, the wicked, the dead. Of Or Pertaining to. . . is a showcase of new work from new voices in modern dance, loud and uncensored. Experience the experiment.

Tickets: $5
Friday 1/20 @ 7:00pm
Monday 1/23 @ 9:00pm
Saturday 1/28 @ 9:30pm
Sunday 1/29 @ 12:00pm


Past Present Future Tense
(75 minutes)
By Kier Peters (poet Douglas Messerli)
Theatrical experience by Humdrum Collective
Performed by Noel Gaulin and Erin Meyer

Love in a cardboard battlefield. She and He, Her and Him, Woman and Man meet in a world refracted through the experience of time to confront the essential tensions binding a relationship together while tearing it apart.

Tickets: Pay what you wish
Friday 1/20 @ 8:45pm
Sunday 1/22 @ 12:00pm
Monday 1/23 @ 7:00pm
Friday 1/27 @ 11:00pm


The Candy Dish (A Super Fun-size Variety Pak of Dance)
(The Getalong Gang Performance Group; 75 minutes)
Choreographed and Directed by Amberlee Cantrell, Funmilayo Hill, Zenobia Taylor

What do you get when you cross a Southern Baptist preacher with some incognito dancing girls, female pro-wrestling, and a healthy dose of the sweet sounds of Foreigner? Why yes! It's The Candy Dish (A Super Fun-size Variety Pak of Dance). Original works by local choreographers Amberlee Cantrell, Funmilayo Hill, and Zenobia Taylor on the stage and free candy in the lobby. What could be sweeter?

Tickets: $8
Saturday 1/21 @ 12:00pm
Sunday 1/22 @ 8:30pm
Tuesday 1/24 @ 7:00pm
Friday 1/27 @ 9:00pm


The Most Beautiful Lullaby You've Ever Heard
(75 minutes)
By Greg Romero

The Narrator tries to tell a story.

His two characters, Man and Woman, are telling a different one.

The sun rises.

The Man and Woman stand at the Water's Edge, creating and re-creating their story of abuse, unconditional love, and bottles that they break over each other's heads.

The Narrator tries to protect them from the troubled past they are creating in their infinitely extended present moment.

The characters push forward -- weaving in and out of time, violence, steaming volcanoes, sexual fetish, and the relentless pursuit of acceptance.

The Narrator recognizes his own memories and learns from them.

The future wins the day.

The play features performances by Ian Galloway, Blake DeLong, and Natalie Wheeler and is directed by Jasson Minadakis (Artistic Director of Actor's Express in Atlanta).

Tickets: $10/$5 students
Tuesday 1/17 @ 8:45pm
Sunday 1/22 @ 2:00pm
Friday 1/27 @ 7:00pm
Saturday 1/28 @ 11:15pm


You're No One's Nothing Special, by Ann Marie Healy
Port Arthur, by Ken Webster

(The Subterranean Theatre Company; 45 minutes)
Directed by Ken Webster

Award-winning director Ken Webster stages two off-beat one-act comedies. Ann Marie Healy's "You're No One's Nothing Special" is a darkly comic tribute to modern love and Webster's "Port Arthur" is a wicked holiday comedy set on a Greyhound bus.

Tickets: $10
Thursday 1/19 @ 7:00pm
Thursday 1/26 @ 9:15pm
Saturday 1/28 @ 5:45pm
Sunday 1/29 @ 9:45pm