2003 Long Fringe

Long Fringe Schedule at
the Blue Theatre


Ticket prices vary by show. Beginning January 7, you can make reservations by calling 479-PLAY (479-7529). All Long Fringe shows are at the Blue Theatre, 916 Springdale Road. It's easy to find and just minutes from downtown! Check out this map.


The Demon of the Well, byJames B. Hendricks

What happens when a trader finds a chalice with great and bewildering powers? Find out when he tells of his perilous encounter with "The Demon of the Well". In a form that bears homage to Homer and Virgil, this story was many years in the making. It is ready now, for these first performances. Come along on this epic journey to another place and time. Tickets $10.

Wednesday, January 22- 9:30pm
Saturday, January 25- 5:45pm
Tuesday, January 28- 9:15pm
Saturday, February 1- 12:00


Who Is Jim Holt? by Rhys Southan/Joseph Weisenthal (Thespian Separatist Productions)

Based loosely on the epic novel Atlas Shrugged, "Who is Jim Holt?" is a comedic portrayal of the classic conundrum: Why does society persecute its saviors while celebrating the very parasites who are eating it from within? This cult musical also answers the question: Why on earth do liberals hate America? Tickets $8.

Wednesday, January 22- 7:15pm
Saturday, January 25- 9:15pm
Saturday, February 1- 1:45pm
Sunday, February 2- 12:00 noon


Inter-, (Realmdanceproject)

Inter- begins with a solo performer, a stranger faced with many choices. On each path she takes, she befriends new people and around her a community is built. This ensemble becomes a celebration, an exchange of energy and knowledge. But when the community is taken away the stranger is left alone again and must find within herself comfort, hope and the strength to make new choices. Tickets $8.

Tuesday, January 21 Ð 9:30pm
Saturday, January 25- 7:30pm
Tuesday, January 28- 7:30pm
Saturday, February 1- 4:00pm


Did You Say Love? by Melissa Livingston (A Chick & A Dude Productions)

Did You Say Love? is the premiere performance of a chick & a dude productions debut season. Company founders Melissa Livingston and Shanon Weaver bring you a conceptual monologue piece; twelve stories all revolving around the theme of love in our lives, be it good, bad, or ugly, for a lover, a friend, a pet, a thing. Co-written by Livingston & Weaver, Directed by Ms. Livingston. Tickets $7.

Sunday, January 26- 3:45pm
Monday, January 27- 9:15pm
Friday, January 31- 10:45pm
Sunday, February 2- 2:15pm


Adam & Eve: In Retrospect, by W. David O. Taylor & C. Brie Walker (Hope Arts)

On the afternoon of preparations for Adams 500th birthday party, Eve banters with the girls about her husbands mannish ways, while in the room next door Adam sighs and joshes with the boys. Suddenly they are interrupted with the memory of their expulsion from the Garden and the dreadful moments that followed. The traumatic experience induces reflection on both the struggle and poignancy of marriage. Tickets $5.

Sunday, January 26- 2:00pm
Thursday, January 30- 9:15pm
Friday, January 31- 7:00pm
Sunday, February 2- 4:15pm


Double Blind, by Monika Bustamante (UT Department of Theater and Dance)

When two boys are arrested for the murder of a toddler, they tell a story difficult for the families to fathom, and the ghost of the dead infant returns to haunt them like no ghost you've ever seen before.

FronteraFest Long Fringe is pleased to present this world premiere of this play by Austin's own Monika Bustamante, a UT Theatre and Dance Department Michener Fellowship recipient who has penned many plays that have premiered locally and nationally, including Small Love; Six, Six; To See; For Brothers and Superheroes; Let Down/Raised Up; and In Search of a Real Man.

Directed by Barry Pineo (Early Morning, Shopping and Fucking), Double Blind is a gripping elegy for all victims, and a challenge for those who seek meaning in words like goodness, youth, and innocence. Starring Daniel Cooper, Martinique Duchene, Justin Kee, Ellen Kolstš, James Pineo, and Parker Williams. Tickets $10, $8 students, seniors, and members of Austin Script Works.

Sunday, January 26- 12:00pm
Monday, January 27- 7:15pm
Thursday, January 30- 7:15pm
Friday, January 31- 8:45pm


Said and Meant, by Randy Wyatt (The Actor Sanctuary Group)

Nine ultra-short comedies comprise this hour-long whirlwind on themes of language and misunderstanding. Six actors fly through a blizzard of characters, taking them through roller-rink snack shops, marriage counseling, makeup counters, gas stations from hell and of course, a five-minute Greek tragedy. And like an unexpected prize in the cereal box, the new extra short 32 AWKWARD SILENCES comes free at the end. Tickets $6.

Thursday, January 23- 7:15pm
Sunday, January 26- 7:45pm
Saturday, February 1- 5:45pm
Sunday, February 2- 10:15pm


No, That Doesn't Make You Look Fat!, by Viva La Vulva (Viva La Vulva)

In No, That Doesn't Make You Look Fat!, Viva La Vulva explores the hilarious predicaments that "normal" people always seem to get themselves into when they find the truth just too hard to tell! Comically interpreting webs of deception woven during life, "Fat!" exposes the whole truth to every half-truth - from children's little white lies to the emotional health of your local Wal-Mart greeter. Tickets $7.

Friday, January 24- 9:15pm
Saturday, January 25- 2:00pm
Sunday, January 26- 9:45pm
Wednesday, January 29- 9:00pm


Sludge!The Musical, by Emily Fordyce (Oober, Inc.)

Oober, Inc. presents Sludge: The Musical by Emily and Rick Fordyce. What more can go wrong for young Sophie? Abandoned by everyone, she screams into her shoebox and hits the road. Soon her shoebox will inspire the world. Starring Marisa Pisano as Sophie; Peck Phillips as Roger, underground kingpin; Greg Rickard as Roger's pusher and PR man; and Bryan Schneider as Cecil the frustrated poet. Tickets $10; starving artists pay what you wish.

Friday, January 24- 11:00pm
Saturday, January 25- 3:45pm
Wednesday, January 29- 7:00pm
Saturday, February 1- 9:45pm


Post Neanderthal Diet, conceived and written by Hans Frank with additional material by Katherine Catmull and Ken Webster

The Reverend Nubby Farnsworth and Russian scientist Vladimir Ulyanov have concocted a diet that they claim can make you live a longer and happier life. In front of a live studio audience, during the Reverend's weekly AM radio program, all will be revealed. An amazing cast of local actors including Katherine Catmull, Jack Favre, Hans Frank, Corey Gagne, Joey Hood, David Jones, Rebecca Robinson, and Ken Webster have been assembled for this very funny and twisted look at religion, diets and AM Radio. Tickets $10.

Thursday, January 23- 9:15pm
Sunday, January 26- 5:45
Saturday, February 1- 7:45
Sunday, February 2- 8:15


Please Help Me Find Whisper, by Damon Brown (Jill Leberknight)

Work hard. Play by the rules. And life might pass right by you. Well, after the first seizure, she knew it was time to see a doctor. They kept coming back; a little different each time, and no one could explain it. Now they're less like episodes -- and more like visions. But her friends are bugging . . . her mother keeps calling . . . her job makes no sense . . . and she thinks maybe her cat has gone missing. Plus, learning to play guitar is WAY harder than it looks on TV. How are you supposed to enjoy a transcendental experience when life keeps getting in the way? Austin performer and educator Jill Leberknight brings Austin author Damon Brown's play Please Help Me Find Whisper to life in this homage to the life goals we never quite achieve, and the fun we have on the journey that never really makes it there. Tickets are Pay What You Wish.

Tuesday, January 21- 7:15pm
Friday, January 24- 7:00pm
Saturday, January 25- 11:45 AM
Sunday, February 2- 6:00pm