Well, Covid has taken another swing at us, with the omicron variant leading to the cancellation of both the January Buttercup concert and Street Corner's extension of Strange, But Perfect. But dang it we're still on our feet and will be back soon! Meanwhile . . .

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Hyde Park Theatre

HPT Audio Plays

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From Austin, Texas, the Live Music New Play Capital of the World, it's HPT Audio Plays--available wherever you listen to podcasts.

These are audio plays-in-your-pocket, ranging from eight to twenty-eight minutes long, are produced by Hyde Park Theatre. So wherever and whenever you like, pop in your earbuds and catch another astonishing, moving, and/or hilarious must-hear play.

The newest addition: Port Arthur, by Ken Webster. This twelve-minute, Twilight-Zone-esque homage to the city of Webster's birth features Webster himself and Robert S. Fisher.

You can also hear an audio production of Mickle Maher's weird and delightful The Hunchback Variations, produced by Capital T Theatre and featuring Ken Webster and Robert S. Fisher

Finally we offer four wildly eclectic short plays by the playwrights of the 2020-21 HPT Writers Group, alll with sound design and audio engineering by Robert S.Fisher. You might not know these playwrights yet, but you will:

It Is Decidedly So, by Raul Garza. A comfortable but not-so-happily married couple must deal with the consequences when they dare to let a Magic 8 Ball decide the fate of their relationship.

Where Beats are Born, by J. Isabel Salazar. Late at night in the record studio, Subatomic confesses to Eddie that his car wreck might have more to do with his burst in creativity than he led on.

The Alamo, by Katie Bender. The Alamo is based on the historically documented women, children and enslaved people who survived the battle of the Alamo. It is an intimately drawn look at the surprising alliances necessary to survive in a mercurial democracy.

A Man Wakes Up, by Patrick Shaw. A man wakes up into an O. Henry Dream: He searches for his missing sister in the bleak magic of a long-gone Austin.

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Hyde Park Theatre is located at 511 W. 43rd Street. Covered off-street parking for the patrons of HPT is available during performances in the lot at 4315 Guadalupe Street, just north of The Parlor. You can drive through The Parlor's parking lot to reach it. Evening HPT parking also available at the Hyde Park Church of Christ on the northeast corner of 43rd & Avenue B. We are grateful to them both for their generosity.


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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department, by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts, and by an award from The National Endowment for the Arts.

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